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Class Reunion Date Survey

Your Reunion Committee continues to plan for our 60 Year Reunion scheduled for next October.  You received a "Save the Month" mailout a few months ago and the response was fantastic! You dug deep and provided over $3000 in donations which will really help defray the costs to those who attend.  Over 50 people (including significant others) have said that they do plan on attending, and that's a good sized group for an event over a year away.

Now we need your help to select a date from two different weekends in October 2022.  Please check the box next to the date(s) you prefer.  

There is also a comments box where you can tell us anything about your preferences (venue, activities, etc.)

We're looking forward to your responses.  PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RESPONSES BY OCTOBER 31, 2021.

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1)   * Please fill out this survey with the idea that you will attend, even if you're not sure at this time..

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