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Pandemic Patter

Emailed 5/22/2020

Pandemic Patter

Dear Tiger Classmates,

We have seen enormous changes over the past 3 months.  Most of us have been staying at home, some who are still working are doing it from home, and others have discovered the enormous number of TV shows and movies available on demand or on streaming services, as well as millions of books available electronically.

We thought it might be interesting to share our stories as we go through these crazy times. 

  • You can tell us about serious or funny incidents, things that you have done to cope and, please, tell us about your favorite de-stressing techniques (keep it PG please), and lessons learned.
  • You can tell us about acquiring new skills, i.e. cooking, understanding technology, making masks that don’t involve avocados or cucumbers, or starting to write the Great American Novel, etc. 
  • You can also tell us how exciting it is just to go grocery shopping (we’ve all been there) or the first time in months you were able to sit down in a restaurant.
  • And keep in mind we will start planning for our 60th reunion sometime next year, so you might want to include suggestions.
  • We also need to know that you and your family are well.  So please let us know if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or you or your family members came down with it and have recovered or are recovering.

So, let’s share our stories.  They could be enlightening, or funny – but it will definitely be great to hear from one another! This is the place to reach out and connect with O-L-D friends.  Share your story, lift our spirits.

Share your stories and feelings on the EPHSClassof62.com website.  Simply go to the Homepage, click on your name in the Who’s Online Box, and that will take you to your profile.  Scroll down to the first dialogue box which is labeled “Post a Comment on your Profile” and enter whatever comment or story you want to share, because it will be seen by all your classmates.  The website administrator will then copy your entry and archive it to the new page titled “Pandemic Patter,”  You can go to that page any time to see comments by your classmates.

We’ll be waiting to hear from you…




Hope my comments on COVID 19 went through but will post again; we are staying close to home and leaving only for groceries and when I get tired of cooking, will do take out. Since Herschel is high risk, I am trying to be good about getting out but will have someone for lunch or dinner but eat outside. A LOT of Zoom with various volunteer groups I belong to. We did loose a dear friend, Lynn Harrell two days before Phil passed away. I encourage you to go to Carnegie Hall and watch a 47 min tribute to this international cellist; 12 cellist around the world did this incredible Zoom to honor Lynn. He always stayed with us, once a year for his Cello Competition in Dallas at the Dallas Symphony. You will see him playing with this Kol Nidra for the Pope. Stay safe out there and well.


What an exciting time I had on Tuesday this week — Got to leave the house for a long standing appointment with my dermatologist. I really got excited when he found a few spots he needed to freeze. Now, I’m not really into pain, but I really enjoyed it this time because it wasn’t at home! Can’t wait to see my dentist in July!


I am doing fine, but missing contact with my peeps and attending in person classes. Latin Fusion on FB Live just isn't the same. But at least I can dance in my pajamas. Attended my granddaughter's virtual graduation for a high school class of 850. Her last name starts with a "D" so she was fairly early. When we got to the "M" list, I texted to see if they were still watching. NO!! They had gone for an evening walk. Ok then........I ended my misery and signed off. Stay well everyone and please send us your thoughts for our 60th. We will be starting to plan for that in the fall, I hope.


First time Gleaning with the Senior Gleaners today. Have not been for several months and so glad to see so many. we got over 52 boxes for Tangelos today. We distance and wear masks which I must say is hotter than you know what but so worthwhile. We donate all the fruit, today Tangelos, to organizations that are in need and fed the hungry.We had 2 teams and a lot of new gleaners, Good to get out and enjoy the sun while being productive.


Stephanie posted the following in response to several people who wished her a Happy Birthday in March.  Gives a good perspective on what people had to do who were overseas when the Pandemic started:

"Sorry it took so long to respond.. was in Egypt for my birthday and although the trip was great, had difficulty getting home then had to self quarantine for 2 weeks with public health calling daily..never had symptoms or got sick..thank god for my 3 fur babies and my husband who never takes anything seriously. Creating a lot of stained glass (xmas may come early for my friends and family). Just back from a road trip to Az to cheer up baby sister who can’t get back to her husband in Canada .. thought of everyone as we drove thru El Paso.. hope everyone is faring well.. take care and stay well.. 2022 reunion!"