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If you are or were a part of the grades leading up to the graduating class of '62, or a class "guest", and have not yet joined the site, click on the "Classmate Profiles" link at the top left of the page, then find and click on your name to register. (Worthy of note, there is a small square above the list of profile names ("Show Yearbook Photo") that if clicked, will allow you to see both names and faces. The page reverts back to names only once you go elsewhere on the site.) Need more help, read the page entitled "How To Use This Site". 

The 1962 SPUR is separated into three sections: the first, Admininstration, and Teachers; Section II is Student Government, Clubs and Honors; the III Section is Senior pictures, collages and a couple of ads of the times.

The fourth SPUR is a special & separate combined SPUR, following our class from the 8th grade through our Junior year. Those who started out with us but didn't graduate with us due to unforseen circumstances can reminisce with the rest of us. Enjoy the trip! 

The Web Site is a work in progress....many pages will change periodically,  The most current information is in the "Announcements" section following this introduction.




Keep an eye on your mailbox (snail mail) for your invitation to the EPHS Class of '62 75th Birthday Celebration.  Please fill out your RSVP card and return it to us to let us know if you can (or cannot) come.  If you have any questions, or if you don't receive your invitation in the next few days, please contact me at mcpomoore@yahoo.com.

We look forward to seeing you in El Paso on October 5, 2015 



Save the Date:  October 5, 2019

It is now midway between the Centennial Celebration (2016) and our upcoming 60th Reunion (2022) and responses to the class survey distributed las year indicated a desire for a class get-together.  Most of us are turning 75 this year and 3/4 of a century on this earth is something to celebrate.  So, we are having a Birthday Party on October 5, 2019 at Lee Schwartz’ home here in El Paso.  The cost will be $20 per person.  More details will follow, but if you want to sign up in advance and lock in that $20 price (or just send in a donation), please send a check made out to EPHS Class of ’62 to:

Janie Pierce Shockley, 3004 Kilkenny, El Paso, TX 79925

We would also appreciate additional donations over and above the $20.  Any excess funds will be put towards our 60th reunion in 2022.

The only planned event will be the party on Saturday, Oct 5, but that is also Homecoming Weekend for EPHS.  We will provide details about Homecoming activities when we get them, including tours of the school and the football game on Friday, Eve of the “E” and the parade on Thurs., etc. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at mcpomoore@yahoo.com or Lee at Friedalee@aol.com.  

NOTE:  A special thanks to Classmate Ginny (Behrens) Satterwhite and her daughter Lindsay for the fantastic Dancing Tigers original artwork.  You'll see more of these two "partiers" in future announcements.



The following article is from the Trost Society.  Currently, EPISD has no solution.  The $20M authorized in the recent Bond issue is slated to build a new "Arts" Building.  Please note if you go to the El Paso Inc. link you will have to subscribe to read the whole article.  We were able to send out the entire article in an e-mail yesterday.



David Crowder of the El Paso Inc reports: "A new, 290-page architectural study of El Paso High’s facade demanded by the alumni association raises safety issues at the historic, 102-year-old school.

Released last month, the study calls for $15.3 million in repairs and restoration work and says the deterioration of the outside of the building ‘may become a life safety issue.’

The El Paso High School Alumni Association’s president, Amada Flores, who led the push for the study along with Anna Mares, says they’re basically satisfied with the $476,000 study."


Photo credit: Jorge Salgado

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

 EPHS Top Ranked EPISD High School in 2018 US News Assessment

Once again, US News & World Report assessment of high schools across the nation places El Paso High School as the top ranked traditional high school in the El Paso Independant School District and second only to San Elizario High among all traditional (non-charter, non-magnet only, non-STEM only, and non-prepartory) public high schools in El Paso County.  The Silva Healthcare Magnet, with a student body of 635, was the only EPISD school ranked higher (878 nationally v 1001 nationally) than EPHS.  Neither Coronado nor Franklin high schools was recognized in the national rankings.

US News takes into account Graduation Rate and College Readiness Index as primary elements of assessment weighted with Math Profiency and Reading Proficiency scores along with Advance Placement (AP) Tested percentage and AP Passed percentage.  The assessment also factors in Total Minority Enrollment Percentage and Total Economically Disadvantaged Percentage. 

El Paso High School received Siver Medal recognition as 1001st Best High School in the nation which places EPHS' ranking at 124th among all Texas high schools, traditional and non-traditional together.  A comparison of the San Eli and EPHS scorecards follows:

.........................................  San Eli        EPHS
College Readiness Index ........   63.6%        45.4%
AP Tested  .........................    94%            63%
AP Passed  .........................    57%            63%
Math Proficiency  ................     91%            82%
Reading Proficiency  .............    52%            67%
Enrollment   ........................  1,040          1,387
Minority Enrollment  ..............    99%           94%
Economically Disadvantaged  ..    97%           66%
Full Time Teachers  ...............    75              91
Student to Teacher Ratio  ......   14:1           15:1

The average for all high school students in EPISD is 25.9% College Readiness; 70% for Math Proficiency; and 56% for Reading Proficiency.

Ranked 1001st in the nation means there is a lot of room for improvement for the El Paso High community of studens, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, but, when compared to the performance of public school student bodies throughtout El Paso, EPHS deserves accolades for it's recognition in the US News assessment..

El Paso County High Schools
Ranked Within the Top 250 in Texas
#  41  Harmony Science Academy        241 Nationall Rank
#  60  San Elizario High School             361 National Rank
#  86  Valle Verde Early College            613 National Rank
#  90  DaVinci School of Science          634 National Rank
#  93  Harmony School of Innovation     656 National Rank
#110  Silva Health Magnet                   878 National Rank
#124  El Paso High School                 1001 National Rank
#164  NW Early College                     1513 National Rank
#168  Clint Early College                    1573 National Rank
#187  Eastwood High School               2080 National Rank
#197  Ysleta High School                    2215 National Rank
#203  Anthony High School                 2273 National Rank
#207  Bel Air High School                    2279 National Rank
#217  Del Valle High School                 2563 National Rank
#227  Hanks High School                    2691 National Rank
#250  Americas High School                   Recognized


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•   Larry Lyons  5/13
•   Gloria Correa (Jett)  5/6
•   Nancy Deane Whitus (Kurbat)  4/28
•   Charles A Stearns  4/12
•   Pat McDowell  4/12
•   Joe Lea  4/12
•   Carolina Olivas (Mendoza)  4/7
•   Lee Schwartz  3/12
•   Patricia Fernandez  2/25
•   Ginger Bradford (Maughs)  2/13
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